Epic Markets Broker FAQ

Epic Trader Program FAQ's

What's Included?

Epic Trader Course

Live Coaching 2x per week (Learn trading systems and place trades)

FastStart Sessions 2x per week (Learn to use platform and software)

Double your deposit with broker up to 100k

Multiple mechanically profitable trading systems

Epic Markets Trading Software (Finds trades for you)

The most important element is our software. Nobody else has anything like it. Mechanically profitable trading systems, where all you have to do is push the button at the right time of day.

The button tells you BUY/SELL/NO TRADE and you just do as it says.

To back up the software, you get live coaching sessions 4 days a week and our course that walks you through every element of the software and how to use it.

On top of that, our support team are available close to 24hrs a day so no matter when you're stuck, we're able to help.

Finally, let's be realistic, you don't really care what's in the program, you just want to get profitable...fast. You aren't buying the program because it has 1 extra coaching session than a different education provider. The simple fact of the matter is, there's nobody else like us. Nobody else is the educator, the software provider and the broker. Nobody else has the level of insight that we do. Nobody else has mechanically profitable systems and nobody else has our results.

How Do I Know If It Will Work For Me?

If you can click a button, when it tells you to, at the correct time of day, you can make money with our systems and software.

But here's some hard truth's about people who lose with our systems.

Some people turn up at the wrong time of day and don't take all the trades, or add a few of their own. The simple fact of the matter is, if you trade 12hrs late, you're going to miss trade setups. If you miss trade setups and then don't take all of our trades and add a bunch of your own...I've got no idea what's going to happen, the people that do that, tend to lose money.

At the end of the day, if you think you know best, this program isn't for you.

We're giving you systems that have made millions, all you've got to do is actually trade them. It's amazing how many people have the same level of discipline as a fat kid in a candy store.

Some people are natural gamblers. If all you want, is to punt on which way the market goes, you're more than welcome to open a trading account with us, but you're probably going to lose.

Other people are so sceptical or highly strung, it's unreal. They buy the program and are looking for any excuse at all to back out and claim a refund, it's like they're constantly thinking they're being scammed. 3 losing trades in a row, too much for them to handle and they're running to us with their tail between their legs. If that's you, don't buy the program.

Tying in with the last point, some people are looking for the holy grail. They're trying to find something that doesn't exist. They want to win every trade and only see their accounts go straight up. If you're looking for market leading returns, it's not going to be all plain sailing, there's going to be losing days and weeks, that's just the way it works. You can only trade the setups the market gives you and nobody makes money every single day or every single week.

Can I See Some Results?

Certainly, trading performance and statistics can be found at https://www.epic.markets/results

What Do Other People Say About The Epic Trader Program?

We've got a whole heap of client testimonials you can read at https://www.epic.markets/testimonials

What Makes You Different From All The Others Out There?

First of all, we're not a 17 year old kid on Instagram flexing a rented Ferrari or pictures of trading on the beach or by the pool. If you've ever tried this you'll know it's impossible, the sun reflects off the screen and sand goes everywhere.

We're the only trading educator, software provider and brokerage platform anywhere in the world.

Sure, there's lots of different education providers, lots of different brokers and quite a lot of different software providers. The traditional trading educators are exactly that, they're using stuff from 50 year old books from a time where those market conditions no longer exist. They're selling courses in most cases because they're not profitable traders. For every sale we make about £200 profit after costs, so we're really not making mega money out of selling courses. Our endgame is our brokerage. You opening an account with us and trading means we make money every single time you trade. Therefore it's in our interest to get you making money, because then you make us money forever.

The traditional forex broker is there to separate you from your money. In this game, 80%+ of people lose, so they take the other side of the trade and make money from your losses. We however, run everything directly to the market, so there's no conflict of interest and we actually want you to make money because that way we make commissions from you for many, many years into the future.

Which Broker Do You Recommend?

The Epic Trader Program recommends Epic Markets (us). All of our software is custom built specifically for use with our trading platform. If you're going to trade using our systems, you need an account with us. We bring in the raw spreads directly from our liquidity providers with no mark up.

On top of that, because we're doubling whatever you deposit into your account, we have to do this in house with our brokerage and trading platform.